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We are Ivan and Tamara and we’re passionate about running and traveling to amazing places.

Do you want to run beautiful races, but you’re not sure what your next destination should be? Or would you like to join a group of similar minded people for an amazing adventure?

Adventure Donkey is a place where you will get inspiration, information and advice on running and traveling.

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Compressport Running belt front

Compressport Running Belt Review

Compressport running belt has become one of my favorite pieces of equipment. Let me tell you why I really like it and why I think you would like it as well. When I run, I want to feel as light and...

Become a better runner

How to Become a Better Runner

How to become a better runner is probably the most frequently asked question by runners. Whether you want to be faster or be able to run longer, we all seek that perfect solution on how to become...

Sljeme marathon statue

Zagreb Trail Race – Sljeme Marathon

Croatia is an amazing summer destination! And Zagreb, the country’s capital city, has become very popular as well. The city is bustling with festivals and it’s becoming increasingly hard...