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Compressport Running Belt Review

Compressport running belt has become one of my favorite pieces of equipment. Let me tell you why I really like it and why I think you would like it as well.

When I run, I want to feel as light and free as possible. This makes running for me even more enjoyable. But there is almost always something I need to carry with me whether it’s car keys, my cellphone, water or snacks.


If I’m doing a shorter run and just need to take keys and my phone then I would take my small Salomon Agile Single belt. It’s really great because it’s tight and once you put it on your hips, you totally forget about it.

But the problem was when I needed to also take a soft water flask and some snacks. In that case, I would always take my smallest backpack with me, but I was not happy with it. That’s because if I took just one water flask and put it in one of the front pockets, the weight wasn’t equally distributed. And this was so annoying! I didn’t feel like taking a water bladder for the backpack cause it just seemed too much and I wanted to feel as light as possible. So this was a bit of a struggle for me on these medium distances.


Ivan tried many different kinds of running belts and he wasn’t happy with them.

The first one he got was a belt with holes for 5 small water flasks. But the whole thing was a complete disaster because no matter how tight he would tighten it, it was hanging and jumping all over the place.

The second one he got was McKinley CRSXSS waist belt with a very small compartment for phone and keys and also a bottle holder. It was much better, but the belt had a buckle strap which would bother him during running and it would also loosen up from time to time.

Salomon Agile belt
Salomon Agile belt

The third one was Salomon Agile Belt. It’s a very large belt that consists of a large middle compartment and small net compartments on both sides. It can fit a lot of things including a soft flask. It has a velcro closure so it holds pretty well if there aren’t too many things in it. What bothered Ivan was that the belt felt very bulky and the zips got rusty after a few runs already so it’s really hard to open and close the main compartment now.

And then a friend recommended Compressport running belt and said that he loved it. I was suspicious because people sometimes tend to recommend all sorts of things and I really needed something that was perfect for me. But I knew I needed to give it a shot because I was getting ready to run my first 100 km road race and I wanted to be able to take some things with me and carrying a backpack seemed like too much of a hassle.


So, I bought it immediately and took it on my next long run to see how it will behave. I loaded it with a 500ml soft flask, a banana, an energy bar and my phone. And I even took a long sleeve shirt just in case.

The belt was amazing! And I fell in love immediately!

It was really tight around my hips and didn’t move at all. Even the water flask wasn’t bouncing around which is what I was mostly worried about. It was just important that I position it on the sides so that it stays fixed on my hips.

Of course, I took the belt to Passatore 100 km race as well and it was amazing. I was able to take many things with me and carry them for such a long time without getting annoyed. It really felt effortless.

If you wonder how it was to run a 100 km road race then check out my post about Passatore and why I think it is the best race to run 100 km.

Compressport running belt has one big open compartment which goes all around and it’s easy to put stuff in and take them out.

On the front side is a bib holder and on the back are two special hoops to store your poles. Since I rarely take poles, I like using those hoops to bring an extra shirt.


When buying, make sure that you take an appropriate size. For example, Ivan has an M size and I tried it on at home and it seemed fine. But, once I put things inside and tried running it was bouncing all over the place. So I bought the XS/S one and that one was perfect for me. It seems really tight to put on, but that’s what you need to keep things in place.

The official name of the belt is Compressport Free Belt Pro and you can look for it at your local running store or order it from Compressport website. The price is 45 EUR.